The Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP) Europe offers training programs to teachers, parents and allied professionals who work with children and young people. It is a trusted leading provider of high quality online Professional Development (PD) and University validated Diploma programs in special educational needs and wellbeing. ICEP Europe was founded in 2001 by Dr Moya O’Brien and Dr Deirdre MacIntyre.
ICEP Europe are experts in Wellbeing & Positive Psychology. These online Psychology Programs have been endorsed by the New South Wales Institute of Teachers.

Upcoming Term Dates:

  • 19th February – 15th April 2018. Enrolment open until 7th of April.
  • 2nd July – 26th August 2018. Enrolment open until 1st of August
A new way of learning

Today’s demands are way beyond the capabilities of traditional classroom and distance learning methods. By bringing like minded professionals together in our unique 100% online learning environment, we enable you to share the latest thinking from the real world.

A course that fits into your life

All of your coursework and class discussions take place in an online environment which is ‘asynchronous’. There are no fixed lecture times, the classroom is always open and you don’t need to synchronise your study with anyone else. You can interact with your instructors and fellow students whenever and wherever you want.

Intensive and relevant

Our average class size is around 20, which means our tutors have time to give you personal attention at every stage. We believe flexibility is about more than convenience; it’s about relevance too. That’s why you can customise your program to suit your own specific work and career priorities.

Rigorous and challenging

These programs are demanding. The academic standards required for our online programs are just as high as those for on-campus equivalents. This is no soft option.  From the moment your program starts, you are in constant discussion with your classmates. You get regular feedback and help from your tutor and support from our student support team. So, whilst your program may be tough, it never feels like a solo effort.

Family, friends and work

For most of our students, a program is a joint undertaking outside the virtual classroom too. You will need the full support of your family, friends and employer if you are to surmount the many challenges of this holistic experience. But, as you steadily transform your professional knowledge and skills, you can expect the rewards of an unparalleled sense of satisfaction, renewed confidence and increased effectiveness in your job.

New directions, new opportunities

Our programs are not for everybody; they demand concentration and commitment. We believe the experience will revitalise your career prospects, recast your understanding of the workplace and reveal opportunities you never imagined. This experience will change your life.

Key Program Information

Each program comprises 5 interactive learning modules, each taking approximately four hours online study time to complete, or 20 hours in total.

On completion of a program you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development and a Learning Log of your  work which can be included in your CPD portfolio.

Completion of a Reflective Assignment gives you the opportunity to analyse the key learning points from the program and how they can be applied in your classroom.

What Our Students Say

I found this course an enriching experience. It gives me great encouragement to reaffirm that qualities such as resilience and optimism can be acquired and encouraged. In a time of great technological pressure it is vital that all individuals have the human capacity to flourish.
Patricia Dunphy, 2017 Hope and Optimism Program
This course was superb! My brain is buzzing with all the new strategies I have learned. I have hard copies of all the course content in my school bag for reference. I am glad I took the time to complete this course.
Margaret McDonnell, 2017 Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program
I will take away so much from this online course. There were so many wonderful tips on creating a classroom where all children feel equally important and are given the opportunity to flourish. Children can learn so much from us and in turn we can learn so much from them.
Belinda Keepence, 2017 Teaching Happiness Program
There was so much in this module. The more I read the more I find myself thinking, it all comes from within, that is you can never teach hope and optimism if you don’t feel it, believe it and live it. But hope must be planted and nurtured so that it grows and becomes a life force
Angela, 2017 Hope and Optimism Program
This course has made me feel more confident in my abilities to help and encourage the students that I work with every day.
Claire Dwyer, 2017 Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program
The course helped me to affirm my existing beliefs about creativity and motivation. I have learned some interesting points about creativity and the course has made me reflect on moments in my teaching that I had forgotten about.
Benjamin Procter, 2017 Building Strengths and Creativity Program
This course has opened my eyes to a whole new wonderful world.  It has helped me look in the window of Autism in a way I would never have understood. Each module fed me with valuable information which I will now bring to my daily life.
Jenny O'Donnell, 2017 Understanding Autism Program
I feel both myself and my students will benefit massively from everything I have learned in this course. I always promote positivity in my own life, I have now realised how important it is to bring it into the classroom also.
Kate, 2017 Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Program
I will now be able to help the children that I work with because I have the training and knowledge that I need. I am very pleased with what I have learned and feel ready to put it into practice.
Rachael Brennan, 2017 Understanding Autism Program
The course has given me some further insights into how I can support my students self-determination through a systematic focus on their individual strengths to develop other areas for improvement.
Najla Eid, 2017 Building Strengths and Creativity Program