1. For whom are the programs designed? The programs are designed for teachers and other professionals in the areas of education and health who wish to update their knowledge and skills. Our programs are particularly suitable for those who require flexibility and freedom in accessing professional education.
  2. How long are the programs? Each course consists of 5 modules. Each module will take approximately 4 -5 hours to complete. It will be possible to download and print each module so you can study in your own time. In pursuing a course you will spend some time reading class lecture notes, some time doing research by looking up other sites on the web and you will also complete assignments and make contributions to the online class discussion boards.
  3. What are the technical requirements? You will need a computer with e-mail and access to the internet and a printer to allow you to print course materials and compile your own portfolio. Everything else you need for the course is provided though our integrated learning management system , which is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  4. Do I need a high level of computer skills to take a class? No. The programs are very user friendly and the skills necessary are quite basic and easily learned. We will be available to provide any technical assistance you need during the course.
  5. How do I enrol? You can enrol online or by post. If enrolling by post, please return an application form [link to application form on website] with the course fee and we will forward your login code with instructions on how to access the course. While some late places may be available, early application is advised.
  6. How do you know I did the course? Our learning management system logs all online student activity. This tells us if a student has accessed the course material. You are also required to compile a Continuing Professional Development log.This CPD log consists of:

    •    Your interactive discussions with your tutor and classmates
    •    A reflective log which you have to complete by the end of the course.

    Our system will automatically provide you with your CPD log and all you need to do is fill in the Reflective Log and submit for approval.

  7. Who is suited to online learning? These programs are suitable for people who are self-motivated learners, enjoy independent study, and can schedule the time necessary to complete the course. If you value the freedom and convenience of structuring your own learning, and want a stress free route to up-dating your skills, then the online medium is for you.
  8. What kind of support is provided? We provide all the supports necessary to make this online learning experience a success for you. You will have access to our expert tutors who are available via email during working hours from Monday to Friday throughout the duration of your course. Technical support is available though email and we can be contacted by telephone – 02 8437  6259.
  9. Do I get a certificate on completion? Following successful completion of your course you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development which you can include in your CPD portfolio.
  10. What is the content of the course? There are currently three programs on offer which can be found on the links below:

    There is course information on our website www.icepe.com.au or you can email ICEP Europe for more course information. (info@icepe.com.au)

  11. How much do the programs cost and how can I pay for them? We have currently three programs on offer. The two positive psychology programs, Teaching Happiness and Teaching Hope and Optimism, are currently 180 AUD while Applied Behaviour Analysis will cost 250 AUD. Payment can be made by credit card, invoice, cheque or bank transfer. For school group bookings we can invoice the school and will accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.
  12. What happens if I cannot finish my course by the deadline? ICEP Europe is flexible about course deadlines. After the closing date the tutor will not be available but the content will be available on line for another week. We encourage you to do your best to finish. If you have a problem you can ask to defer to the following term and we will do our best to facilitate you.