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Building Strengths and Creativity:Positive Psychology for Learning and Living


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Program Description

This fascinating course explores the importance of building and promoting strengths and creativity to underpin and encourage positive behaviour, emotional well-being, motivation and engagement in learning and life. Grounded in the science of positive psychology, and drawing on research on fulfilled individuals and thriving communities, the course examines the nature and development of human strengths and provides you with the opportunity to learn how to build and enhance strengths and promote psychological well-being. Applying positive psychology principles and lessons from empirical research, the course also explores ways to harness and increase creativity, engagement and motivation in yourself and others.


The strengths-based approach focuses on creating the conditions that facilitate engaged learning, passion and creativity and promote the well-being of students and teachers alike. Throughout this course there is an emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence, and a growth mindset and their impact on learning, well-being, and creativity. Topics such as flow, grit and the role of active learning, positive emotion, enjoyment and level of interest in increasing and sustaining motivation and achievement are addressed in depth. This course draws on a wealth of psychological research and powerful new discoveries from neuroscience to provide you with a set of practical tools and evidence-based strategies for building student’s strengths and creativity, boosting emotional literacy and the ability to cope with everyday challenges.

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This course is registered and accredited by NSW Education Standards Authority, addresses the following standards and is Institute registered for 20 hours.
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the level of Proficient Teacher

1.1.2, 4.1.2

NSW Professional Teaching Standards at the level of Professional Competence

1.1.2, 3.5.2, 4.1.2

Available Term Dates

  • 19th February – 15th April 2018. Enrolment open until 7th April
  • 2nd July – 26th August 2018. Enrolment open until 1st August
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